Imagine Being Blind...

Imagine Being Blind...

Imagine being blind.

Hold on, let's explain that. The actual truth is that most of us are blind and walking around in complete darkness. When we say blind, we don't mean physically blind but spiritually blind.

We lack the discernment to recognize negative cycles in our lives, bloodline, families and even relationships. When things happen, we count it as "one of those things" that always happens around a certain time. Some even claim and make it a personal catostrophe by saying things like, "it always happens to me".

But family, we hope that this is the month that things will turn around for you. You have light and that light is in Christ Jesus. So you should never have a problem with vison or direction. You should never have a problem with recognizing when things have turned from an isolated incident to a cycle.

Incident: in·ci·den·tal/ˌinsəˈden(t)l/adjective. accompanying but not a major part of something."for the fieldworker who deals with real problems, paperwork is incidental"

Cycle: cy·cle/ˈsīkəl/noun1.a series of events that are regularly repeated in the same order."the boom and slump periods of a trade cycle"

Family, the word of the Lord is a light unto our paths and a lamb unto our feet (Psalm 119-105). Get into the word and let his word light up your path. His word also lights up the mind and when your mind is opened up, you begin to see things differently. The negative cycles in your life will begin to stand out.

Don't be caught in darkness. "In his light, we see light" (Psalm 36:9). God bless your new month. Let he that sits in the midst of the Cherubim shine forth in your life.


March 8th is International women's day. Congratulations to all our amazing and beautiful sisters. Keep being you!

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