About Us



In the current pressure pot cooker world we live in now, it is necessary for us Christians to live a life that displays God's character by showing love, giving hope, and encouraging each other in Faith. In an attempt to display these characteristics, we have made it a personal goal to reach out to Christians all over the world.Coming from a family which we have witnessed brothers and relatives going through anxiety, depression, and a state of uncertainty. Having to support them through their journey, we have come to the realization that  we draw our strength from God.

With this knowledge, we have made it a duty to share the love of God and the knowledge of God with them to provide hope in their time of difficulty.

The world puts it's influence on us, both young and old, and another duty we have, is to influence the world by bringing them to the knowledge of Christ. We do this through the products we create.

The words on our products are a great conversation starter. They make people curious and draws them to the knowledge of Christ.

Every word that we put out are very personal and carefully chosen through experience and the help of the Holy Spirit.

We hope you can become a part of our community and join us to build this end time army of God

Welcome home, welcome to the family.